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Mitarbeiter der Jörg Aulfinger GmbH & Co. KG mit rotem Pulli trägt Elektromotor

Proper guys, who really knuckle down - scrap, metals, scrap wood, scrap paper, rubble, eternit

The disposal of scrap, metals, scrap wood, scrap paper, rubble, eternit and other wastes is not a job for beginners. If you need specialists for disposal and recycling in and around Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg, Filderstadt, the only actual option are proper guys who will get their hands dirty and clean up. It doesn’t matter if you have small or big amounts of waste for disposal, some scrap paper or if you would like to deliver the waste. Or if you prefer a container for your waste - our container service can deliver a suitable container to you. You are definitely at the right address for any case. Good prices guaranteed.

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Eine hübsche Frau auf einem Bagger der Marke Fuchs
Holidays at the scrap yard