The beauty of things that go to waste – the aesthetics of scrap, metal, scrap wood, old devices and other waste. This sort of aesthetic is usually only discovered when having a close look. Shapes, colors, materials and textures appear, that usually stay unnoticed. Also the main aspects of recycling, being reusing material and using it to produce new things are the elements we want to highlight by combining old and new. An aluminum belt that could be made from old radiators. A copper bracelet that had a former life as a water pipe. Or sequins on a purse, which were once a waste from production. They are all awesome motives for a fashionshoot at the recycling yard!


Recycling of waste has always been one of main concerns. But especially now, where each and every one of us notices that our resources aren’t endless and we have the option to preserve our nature by proper separation and recycling, the german word for recyclable material in waste „Wertstoff“ meaning ‚valuable material‘, becomes a completely new worth. We are excited if you share our opinion that scrap can be very aesthetic and hope to convince you of this opinion with these pictures!