Aulfinger Mitarbeiterin mit weißem Shirt und roter Hose vor weißer Toilettenkabine

Mobile rental toilets - to take care of the oldest disposal problem of the world

Since our clients asked on about it, we are now also offering a solution for the oldest and most human disposal problem, of the world! We deliver our hygienic mobile rental-toilets to your construction site, bathroom renovation, private event, big wedding or company event, no matter if it is only a day, a few weeks or even months. This also includes regular cleaning cycles, so the toilet box is always clean and ready for use. Now that we offer the rental toilets, you only need one contact for all your disposal problems. This way you only need to call one provider to get the needed containers and rental toilets. If you wish, we are happy to also help you with the authorization to use the container on the street. The permit for the toilet box is already included and does not need to be ordered separately. Of course, the pick up of the cabin is also coordinated by us.

Especially important for your construction site: all of your cabins have crane eyes. This way you can change the location of your cabin by yourself. Please consider, that we need to access the cabin for regular cleaning and pick up - this is why the cabins should be put back to the arranged place for cleaning and pick up dates.

Our offers always include the complete service: delivery and pick up of the toilet-cabin, regular cleaning as well as the end-cleaning. Of course the disinfection substance used when cleaning  is changed according to the regulations and seasons. The standard version includes cleaning once a week. If you wish a more frequent cleaning, we are happy to do so. If you tell us the number of people who use the cabin, we are happy to advise you about the number of toilets that make sense.