Mitarbeiter mit Besen vor Altpapier

Scrap paper and packaging paper are valuable wastes

Paper and cardboard are made from wood fibers and are a significant part of the commercial waste. Collecting and recycling paper, cardboard and paperboard (PPK) contribute to lowering our amounts of waste and preserving the wood stocks significantly. Especially scrap paper and packaging paper play a major role for this, since they are a very valuable material for the production of new paper. Depending on the type, paperboard is made from about 65% scrap material and recycling paper even goes up to amounts of almost 100% of scrap material. A big part of the collected material is "Mischpapier (B12/1.02)" and "Kaufhaus (B19/1.04)".

If your business has big amounts of packaging, we are happy to help you with a suitable container, small skips in the size of 1.5 cbm or plastic boxes for smaller amounts, that we pick up during our collective tours or provide you with a roll-off-pressing container - we have the right container for you. In our range of skips of 1.5 cubic meters up to 15 cubic meters and roll off containers of 12 cubic meters to 40 cubic meters, we will find the right container for your need.

If you produce, marked or take back print products, we are happy to provide you with the logistics and arrange an attractive offer for pricing of your standard paper sorts. We work with publishers, printing plants and distributers and recycle printing wastes, remitters and distribution-wastes. We are happy to make an offer for your pure foil packaging or printing and special papers.

We are also happy to help you with the collecting of scrap paper in your club or charity.