Schrott und Metalle sind unsere Leidenschaft.

The excitement for aluminum, brass, and copper - scrap and metals have always been fascinating to us

Everything started with our excitement for scrap and metals. Until today, we find it fascinating to receive  iron, scrap, aluminum, copper, cables, brass, stainless steel, other metals and rusting girders.  We pay top prices for delivery in Stuttgart or Ludwigsburg as well as when we pick up the material.


Mitarbeiter mit Besen vor Altpapier

In memory of the days where grandpas scrap paper and cardboard still filled up the pocket money

Scrap paper, wastes from printing and cardboard are valuable materials. New paper can be produced from them with a minimal amount of loss. No matter if you have small or big amounts from your household, collections from clubs or production - we are happy to help you with a suitable container and a current price.


Frau trägt Schrott vor Abfall

There are many valuable materials hidden in the waste that need to be reused - there is only a certain amount of them available

The proper sorting of wastes is not only a lawful requirement but also very useful since there are many valuable resources in waste. You can either deliver the material to our recycling grounds in Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg or you can get your waste picked up with our skips, Big-Bags or Roll-Off Containers.


Mitarbeiter vor ASP Behälter

Hazardous waste should be placed into competent hands so it can be disposed properly and by following legal requirements.

If you have small amounts of hazardous wastes as a private person, you can drop these off at the local "Schadstoffmobil" without paying a fee. In case you have bigger amounts or commercial waste, we are happy to advise you and make an offer for proper disposal or recycling.


Nette Mitarbeiterin vor Aulfinger Miettoilette

We also take care of the oldest human waste properly, clean and you only need one supplier!

Almost every construction site needs a mobile toilet box. You can order a container and a rental toilet from us with only one call . If you wish, we can take care of the authorization for street use, set up your toilet box and clean your mobile cabin in frequent intervals.


Selbst anliefern in Ludwigsburg bzw. Möglingen und Stuttgart-Feuerbach

Our friendly staff is happy to help you with any questions concerning the disposal of waste - fast, cheap and easy

Our recycling grounds in Stuttgart and Möglingen are the best option to drop off your wastes for a reasonable price. Since we accept most types of waste, except hazardous waste, you can get rid of scrap wood, rubble, scrap paper, construction waste and other waste in just one drive.