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Scrap and metals are our passion

Even if our wide range of services would probably give you a different impression, our big passion has always been scrap and metals. We don’t only dispose of bulky waste. We get excited for every piece, no matter if it is small like a washing tub or bigger like a workbench or really big like rails or iron girders. If you declutter your workshop and find scrap and old metal – old machines and iron – you can make your scrap to cash. We also won't turn down bigger amounts of material from sanitation or demolition as well as sheet clippings or shavings from production. Actually the complete opposite is going to happen - we will take good care of your scrap and pay you the current market price at our recycling yards.

Just make your way to our recycling yards in Stuttgart Feuerbach or Möglingen near Ludwigsburg. You can drop off your metals and scrap at both of our yards. We will weigh the material on site and will pay you good prices for your scrap or metal. Of course we will pay you your money directly on site in cash if you wish. If you wish to get your cash right away, please bring your identity card or residence permit to our cash desk as we need to check these due to the legal documen­tation requirements.

You are always paid the current prices for the following valuable non-ferrous metals:

  • Aluminum
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Electric cables
  • Tin
  • Zinc

We are also the right partner for alloyed scrap:

  • Stainless steel (V2A, V4A)
  • HSS
  • Carbide
  • Chrome steel
  • Nickel-chrome alloy

We have been trading scrap and metals for over 70 years. And it is not about the amount of material - you are welcome to deliver 1 kg of scrap or a few tons, whatever you have.

We are also happy to provide a container depending on your needs - sizing from a Big-Bag to a small Cityskip up to a 40cbm roll-off container. We can also find a solution for small places or if you are in need of a container permanently. Especially if you only have a small work shop, a garage or are otherwise limited in space, our “flotte Kiste” could be interesting for you since it is even smaller than a lattice box. As an electrician you can collect your cables, as a plumbing company you just throw your brass or copper into the “flotte Kiste” and as a roofer, you can use the “flotte Kiste” as a piggy bank for zinc sheets, copper sheets or aluminum. As soon as the box is full, we will swap it out and your employees can carry out more important tasks than disposing of your wastes.

So if you have metals or scrap from production, demolition, construction or crafts - contact us! We pay you the current market prices for your scrap and metals. We have loyal customers from plumbing-, tile-, electricity- and carpenter crafts, roofers, interior construction, heating engineers, the automotive industry, machine- and tool manufac­turing, stamping- and cuttingtechnique as well as construction industry. After all we are specialized in helping you as fast as possible and paying you the current top prices.

As an owner-operated Family business, we don't belong to a corporation and place our material on the market indepen­dently. We also do not need to meet any organi­za­tional delivery obligations. This way we are able to maintain our slim structures and achieve very good prices that we are able to offer to you. If you have any scrap or metal, give our passion a try - contact us!