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The safe disposal of hazardous wastes

The common term "special waste" describes any waste, that is defined as hazardous waste in the "Abfallrecht". Since these wastes present a particular danger for humans or the environment due to their character or composition, there are special requirements for storage, transport, handling and documentation. Depending on the characteristics of the material, storage- and transportation containers need to meet special requirements and need to be approved. The regulations for dangerous goods by ADR or other legal fields need to be taken into consideration in many cases regarding transportation.

Due to the high danger potential, we are not allowed to accept hazardous wastes at our recycling grounds. This includes old varnishes or paints, old oils or other chemical, biologically dangerous or radioactive substances. If you have wastes of this kind, please call us - even tough we are not allowed to accept these wastes directly, we are authorized to transport almost any material to an authorized recycling center. We are happy to make you an offer.

Small amounts of waste from private households can be dropped at the local special waste mobile for free. Information about times and locations will be given to you by your community. If you have any bigger amounts of hazardous wastes, we are happy to help you with a suitable container and a lawful disposal- or recycling option and will take care of the proper and safe disposal. If you have any questions, we are also happy to provide you with information on the "elektronische Nachweiswesen (eANV)" that needs to be considered when dealing with hazardous wastes.