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Discharge Bins – the cheap solution for regular disposal

Our discharge bins are the perfect solution for the cheap disposal of scrap paper, cardboard, mixed packaging and waste from companies. Our garbage truck empties your discharge bin in regular intervals on its tours either weekly, every second week or monthly. Alterna­tively, we can also set an individual date to empty your bin when it is full. Due to the efficiency of emptying several discharge bins on one tour, the costs are lower than individual stops with skips or containers.

Depending on the volume and how often you have this amount of material, we are happy to help you with the selection of the perfect size of your garbage or discharge bin. Our bins have volumes of 120 liters, 220 liters, 1,1 cbm (1100 ltr), 3 cbm or 5cbm and can all be emptied by our convenient garbage truck. You can find a detailed overview of our containers at Container-Overview. We have several tours for emptying the discharge bin on different days of the week around Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and the area, so we always have an option to find a suitable tour for your wastes.

In contrast to our skips and containers, our discharge bins have wheels and can be moved by those. This way they can be rolled to different places in the production or warehouse for loading. The discharge bins are also perfect for loading at ramps or directly from a truck, for example when it brings back packaging from deliveries. Just give it a try.

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