Ordnung muss sein - Stellplatzgenehmigung

Tidiness is important - permission for street use

In case the container needs to be placed on the street

To use streets and sidewalks for "other purposes", a special permit needs to be given by the responsible community, if no restrictions of normal traffic are expected. This requirement also needs to be met for Big-Bags, city skips, skips, roll-off containers and rental toilet boxes. Depending on the city or community, the process can take up to 10 days and comes with fees to pay. You can either request the permit by your self or choose to let us deal with it for you, for a fee we charge you with. Since we are responsible for having a permit before we put a container in place, we will as you to send us a copy if you requested it yourself.

Please note, that the authorities responsible for the order in traffic also require the use of extra stopping-restriction signs, securing of the construction site or the redirecting of the sidewalk if necessary. The signs and barriers need to be put up at least 72-96 hours before the delivery of the container, depending on the community and the parking situation needs to documented by special guidelines. We are happy to recommend providers for the safety features to you or take care of the organization! Considering this, it is easiest, fastest and cheapest if you put the container on your own grounds. This way you do not have to take care of anything further.