Ein Big Bag an einem Haken mit einem Mitarbeiter rechts im Bild

Big Bag - the somehow other container

The right packaging


If you do not have space for our waste or construction waste containers, then our practical Big Bags are the right packaging for you. Weighing only a few grams, you can set up the practical bags on only 1 x 1 metre floor space and we will pick them up directly with our crane truck. The only condition is that you place the Big Bags in such a way that we can drive with our truck and attach the filled Big Bags to our grab arm. Don't underestimate the practical Big Bags - they had a weight of up to 1,000 kg and are therefore perfectly suited for stones, rubble, earth or concrete remains. But waste wood, metals or mixed construction waste are also well packed in the Big Bags. We are also happy to deliver building materials directly to the construction site in the big bag and, if required, lift them onto the balcony on the second or third floor with the crane truck. If you pick up the practical bags at our recycling centres in Stuttgart-Feuerbach or Möglingen near Ludwigsburg, you will save the delivery fee. Big Bag - the somewhat different container!