Ein Big Bag an einem Haken mit einem Mitarbeiter rechts im Bild

Big Bag - the somehow other container

Disposal of Rubble and soil with limited space

In case there are only small amounts of rubble and soil you need to dispose from renovations in your garden or small modifi­cations in your home, a big container is often not the best solution. Our Big-Bags are also the perfect solution if you have very limited space in your garden or on your construction site. You can save some costs by picking up the empty Big-Bags at our recycling yards and set them up where ever you need them. We will come by with our crane-vehicle to pick up the Big-Bags and place them directly on our trucks. But please note that it is very important to set up the Big-Bags where our crane-vehicle can reach them and the crane-arm can reach the Big-Bags. Please also pay close attention to the static requirements for the placing – one of these small Big-Bags can rapidly become the weight of a car. We are happy to explain all your options with our Big-Bags. Just give us a call!

The right packaging for special instances

If you do not have space for our waste or construction waste containers, then our practical Big Bags are the right packaging for you. Weighing only a few grams when empty, you can fit them into your trunk easily and set up the practical bags on only 1 x 1 meter floor space. We will then pick them up directly with our crane truck as soon as they are full.

The only condition is that you place the Big Bags in such a way that we can reach them with our truck and attach the filled Big Bags to our grab arm. Even though our practical Big Bags can be folded und carried as a purse, they are extremely strong and can hold up to 1.000 kg of weight. Therefore they are perfectly suited for stones, rubble, earth or concrete remains. But waste wood, metals or mixed construction waste are also well packed in the Big Bags. We are also happy to deliver building materials directly to the construction site in the big bag and, if required, lift them onto the balcony on the second or third floor with the crane truck.

If you pick up the practical bags at our recycling centers in Stuttgart-Feuerbach or Möglingen near Ludwigsburg, you will save the delivery fee. But if you want them delivered, we are also happy to do so for a small fee. Big Bag - the somewhat different container!

Safe packaging for asbestos and eternit

Big Bags are especially well suited for the packaging, transport and disposal of asbestos and eternity. For that purpose, we have special Big Bags with a fixed cover, which can be closed after filling to ensure the fibers don’t escape. This way they conform to the packaging requirements of 18.1. of TRGS 519. These special asbestos-Big-Bags and eternity-Big-Bags also have the asbestos warning sign printed on them required by “Anlage 7 im Anhang XVII der europäischen REACH Verordnung (EG) Nr.1907/2006” meaning these Big Bags meet the packaging rules for asbestos.

Since eternity is usually installed as corrugated fibre/ welleternit in form of roof panels, we carry two special eternit Big Bags in the usual lengths of eternit roof panels. This way the panels of 2,50 m or 3 m can be laid and split in the Big Bag and do not need to be broken down which could free asbestos fibers that place risks. These Big Bags are also able to hold 1000 kg. They do get their stability by the long and wide eternit roof panels. This means these special Big Bags are not suitable for the storage of small and loose materials.