Pictures - insights to our everyday life

Pictures say so much more than a thousand words! This is why we wanted to show you some insights from our everyday life - real and unfiltered. Showing good and bad, hectic and tension, scrap and metals, scrap wood, rubble and other wastes - but also the occasional chatter. The short moments every picture shows, is what is important to us. The moments, that matter. And also moments, that make life matter. Encounters between us and our customers and encounters between colleagues. Because exactly that is what describes us. We are a medium sized, owner-managed company. We prefer to work with people we can reach and talk to. Where punctuality, reliability and flexibility is more important than the last cent in a tender. Where we talk to each other if there is a need to do so. This is the reason we prefer to work for small to medium-sized industrial companies, craftsmen and private people, who need a container for their wastes or declut­tering. We are working for you, our customers. And we always try to create an atmosphere, that lets you feel this. We do know, that we have some active competition, who partially cheaper that we are. Because reliability means effort. Effort, that we are willing to bring to the table because we want to keep our promises. Therefore, we are very thankful if you let us work for you and can contribute to helping you get rid of your waste smoothly.

Even though our sector is not usually viewed as beautiful in the classic way, photog­raphers always find a special appeal to the motives they find on our recycling grounds. Because our throwaway society is reflected in them. And everyone sees things from their everyday life. The tension between old and new, the visual charm of beautiful or ugly but especially the colors and shapes. The accumulated pile of transience forms aesthetic motives. Our photog­raphers are out with our drivers for city skips, skips and roll-off containers regularly and climb on our 5 cbm to 40 cbm containers to shoot the perfect picture, that show us exactly the way we are. Our recycling grounds in Stuttgart and Möglingen near Ludwigsburg have endless possibilities for creative pictures. Our recycling yards have been used for fashion shoots, students of the Filmakademie Ludwigsburg shot films, they have been the scene for television programs such as Tatort or Soko Stuttgart and quite a few music videos have been produced around our skips on our recycling yards.

Details of the materials we work with are especially appealing. Starting at scrap and metals as well as bulky wastes, rubble, scrap paper, scrap wood or wastes from building sites. Every picture tells a story. Beginning at the tasks they give us every day, how our employees take part in the process from waste to reusable material to saving our environment and resources by giving each material the right way and recycling instead of burning it and bringing it back to the cycle of materials.  The combination of shapes with the shininess of aluminum, copper, stainless steel or brass are a wonderful documen­tation of this important task, we all take very seriously and are very proud of - have a look yourself!