Suitable recycling of valuable materials. For almost 70 years.

Obligated to tradition

The company Aulfinger was founded in 1949. Already during the post- war years, when reconstruction took place, we recycled the pieces of Heikel-planemotors and tanks of the US-Army with over 30 employees at our grounds in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. We were specialized in the recycling of scrap and metal for almost 40 years. At the end of the 80's, the range was widened to other materials and we considered the growing significance and the new tasks of the freshly won awareness for the environment. During the new millennium, we widened our business to the district of Ludwigsburg and moved into our second business grounds. During all the development and years, one thing did not change - our aspiration to offer our customers the best service. We are very proud to say, that we always managed to keep on being an efficient, medium-sized family business with short ways for decisions, that now enters the forth generation!

Historisches Bild eines Container-Transports

Even if those words did not exist back then - from the very beginning on, we dealt with the sustainable recycling of materials. Scrap and metals were valuable resources for further use, long before the words "recycling" or "waste management" existed. This way, we simply followed our line and widened our range to other waste areas outside of the trading of scrap and metals in the 80's. Today, our employees are there to help you with your disposal questions at our founding location in Stuttgart-Feuerbach and also Möglingen and are happy to help you solve your disposal issues in Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and around. As an owner-managed company, your satisfaction is especially important to us. We don't belong to any corporate group, which is why we can offer you individual solutions with short ways for making decisions. Please talk to us about your disposal problems. We will find a solution for you!

Zwei Mitarbeiter vor einem Container-Transport